Monday, July 28, 2008

Man at Work

The rooftop sculpture garden at the Grohmann Museum at Milwaukee School of Engineering is one of Milwaukee's newest "must-sees". The museum opened in October 2007. It is dedicated to artwork that shows men and women at work, predominantly in industrial situations.
The museum has 700 paintings and sculptures with a dozen of the sculptures replicated and placed on the rooftop overlooking the city. The sculptures are bronze, about 9' tall and weigh about 1000 pounds each.

The view from the rooftop is spectacular. MSOE is located in the center of the oldest part of the city, a neighborhood known as Yankee Hill. From this location you can see many of Milwaukee's most beautiful buildings - Milwaukee City Hall, Blatz Brewery, Old St Mary's and the Cathedral of St John - to name a few.

MSOE took over many of the buildings that were originally part of the Blatz Brewery. They've done a great job in the renovation and reuse of the buildings preserving Milwaukee's brew city.

Milwaukee City Hall is currently under a major renovation as you see by the scaffolding in the background. This is my favorite building in the city and I look forward to seeing it restored to it's original grandeur. The sculptures and the buildings in the background really make you understand all of the work (and the manhours) that it took to build Milwaukee.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A new addition to the countryside in northeastern Wisconsin is the Parallel 44 Winery in Kewaunee, just outside of Green Bay. Growing up north of Green Bay and spending a lot of time traveling between Milwaukee and Green Bay, I've seen this area but really haven't had a chance to spend much time really checking it out. So, I recently made a trek north to visit some of the lakeside communities. I really enjoyed visiting Parallel 44 and seeing what the new vineyard/winery was all about. I look forward to watching this vineyard grow and prosper.

The lighthouse is in Two Rivers near Point Beach.

Caddies at Whistling Straits

I was at Whistling Straits in Kohler in June and had the opportunity to meet some of the caddies. Here they are walking up the course near the clubhouse making their way to the next hole.

Now on to the 10th tee. Lots of advice to be given? Or are they just looking for some treats?

Bailey's new profession

Bailey was checking out the truck the other day. I wasn't sure why. So I went to check it out.

I guess Bailey was checking the safety of the tires???

Or perhaps a chipmunk made it's way into the wheel well?