Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Beer Baron

So I ended up going to Calvary Cemetery this afternoon and found Frederick Miller's tombstone - founder of Miller Brewing and my vice - Miller Lite! I don't think Fred was involved in the making of Lite, but I appreciate all of his efforts prior to it.

Interesting that Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, is in the background and to the left of that (not pictured) is Miller Brewing Co.

Here I am!

This is my first blog. I have wanted to do it for a while and now I am ready to get it going. I have started my own business - KBC Tour Company - and this will give me an opportunity to record my daily discoveries. My company specializes in inbound tours to the Milwaukee area with tour planning services, sightseeing and step-on guide service. I am very excited about my new venture and look forward to showing off the Milwaukee area.

Everyday is a learning experience for me. This morning I walked to the new Alterra Coffee in my neighborhood. It's an absolutely beautiful fall day - 60+ degrees, sunshine and pretty fall colors. I was reading the MKE paper while enjoying a cup of coffee and found that the priest who inspired 'The Exorcist' - William Halloran - is buried in Calvary Cemetery. This is good trivia info for my tours. Alot of people are intrigued by cemetaries. My parents used to take us to cemetaries when we were kids just to look at the different tombstones and wonder who the people were who were buried there and what their stories were. I might take a quick trip over to Calvary Cemetery today.

Bailey is enjoying the warm weather. I just took her picture.